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Book review 1-Foxy’s Tale by Ed White

Book review by Rebecca Butcher

    Have you ever wondered what a sled dog that lives in Alaska thinks about? Well, in this book Foxy’s Tale, you can learn just that.  This book is about a sled dog who tries to race.  She doesn’t win at first, but one thing she keeps in mind is if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  This quote is the theme of the book.  Foxy tells herself, so the reader feels like he or she IS Foxy.  It is a captivating story that readers of all ages will love.

    Foxy wasn’t always Foxy.  Before her new owner, Kelly, adopted her, she was Judy and owned by Michael.  At that time, Foxy was just a puppy.  One day Kelly came and adopted Foxy because she was too small for Michael’s sled dog racing team.  At first, Foxy wasn’t happy, but soon grows to love Kelly.  Soon after, she comes to live with Kelly, disaster strikes.  Kelly always took Foxy with her to school, but one day she didn’t.  Foxy tried to follow the truck Kelly was in.  She heard screaming and then THUD! Foxy was hit by a car and said “pain jolted through my back leg and flooded through my body like boiling water, scalding where numbness had been” Foxy went to the hospital, was operated on and does recover.  I liked that she could walk again and wanted to race.  She soon begins racing and Kelly and her become a winning team! She was an awesome sled dog!

    I feel like this book is very well written.  I love it through Foxy’s point of view, so it feels like you become part of Foxy.  One thing I didn’t like were the number of bad things that happen, but I thought Mr. White did a terrific job of mixing good lessons with the bad things.  I also loved that Foxy was the smallest puppy and still became a champion, even though Michael didn’t think she could.  I think this shows that Foxy’s strong and doesn’t give up.  This is a great lesson for children.

    In conclusion, Foxy’s Tale taught wonderful lessons.  It inspires everyone who reads it.  I strongly recommend it!

Book review 2-Foxy’s Tale by Ed White

Book review by Hannah Butcher

    Will Foxy lead Kelly to victory?  You will be asking this question this question when you read Foxy’s Tale by Ed White.  This amazing story is about a sled dog, Foxy, and her very determined owner, Kelly.  The reader sees the world through Foxy’s eyes.  I absolutely love this story and I recommend it for everyone who loves to read.  The theme is if you can dream it, you can do it!
    Foxy and her owners live in snowy Alaska.  Kelly, one of Foxy’s family members, admires sled dog racing.  Foxy and she sign up for a race in their town to take them to the Junior National Championships-if they win.  Foxy and Kelly will have to train in harsh, cold weather and compete in snowy areas.  The details of the setting makes you feel like you are right there at the races!

    I admired the book mostly because of the details to how things looked and felt.  When Kelly and Foxy were training, the author detailed everything, even how the snow felt to Foxy.  I also felt like I also was running beside Foxy.  Her thoughts were so well explained.  It was exciting when I was reading it!

    The characters’ actions seemed very realistic to me in Foxy’s Tale.  They were REAL and they did everyday things.  The book explains many good and bad things that happened to the characters.  When Foxy talks, you truly feel like you are her.  Especially in the beginning when she names the first three things she ever heard.  The three sounds were: “the sound of her mother’s heartbeat, the wild nighttime howl of the Alaskan wind, and the combined voices of the other dogs.” It was cool because as she was naming the sounds I could picture them and hear them with her.

    Overall, this was a great story that teaches you to have faith in yourself and be determined.  All children (and adults) should read Foxy’s Tale by Ed White.

Book review 3-Foxy’s Tale by Ed White

Book review by Erin Miller

    I personally think that Foxy’s Tale is a spectacular novel.  I love that Foxy is telling the story. Mr. White did an excellent job writing from Foxy’s point of view.  Mr. White wrote it in a perfect way because the stuff he says is something I never would have thought of.  For example, I never would have thought how a puppy felt when you first take it from its family.
 Foxy is a small, husky sled dog.  She was taken away from her litter at a young age.  Michael was her original owner.  Now, Kelly is her new owner.  One day, Kelly’s father brought her a new sled.  Kelly wanted to ride it right away, but waited.  Before you knew it, Kelly and Foxy were riding and racing together; entering competitions and winning quite often.  Kelly was raw at the beginning, but turned out to be an excellent musher.

    One very sad thing happened in the story as well.  Foxy ran away and got hit by a car.  She hurt her back leg, really badly.  Luckily, Foxy could still walk, then race.  It was a miracle! I was so happy! Although it was miserable at one point, Foxy survived and I was delighted to hear it.

    I felt that the book’s biggest strength was it was a true story.  It was the perfect story to turn into a book.  It contained sadness, happiness, love, craziness, and friendship.  It was a simple story with beautiful meaning.  As Foxy stated in the book, “after I win a race, I run to the car and wait for my liver treat.  Then I lick Kelly’s face with my liver smelly breath.” Foxy’s Tale is just like that all the way through! It’s a very cute story about a girl and a dog that found something the love to do together…SLED!

    Foxy’s Tale is a great book. I give it five stars.  It’s an easy read, appropriate for most ages.  I loved it and you will too!

Book review 4-Foxy’s Tale by Ed White

Book review by Noah Lopez
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a sled dog? Foxy’s Tale is an inspiring story about a dog, originally name Judy, who most people thought was too small to be a racing dog.  But Kelly, a little girl who believes in defeating the odds, changes Judy’s name to Foxy and changes both of their lives.  Foxy and Kelly move on to victory in the Junior National Sled Dog Race and make Michael, her original owner, sorry for thing she was too small.

    Foxy’s Tale really intrigued me because it shows you that even if you are small, you can be bigger mentally.  It tells you that you can be bigger than the people that doubted you, and you can still come out on top of people physically if you are mentally strong.  I also enjoyed the section where she gets hit.  It was just another obstacle, because even though they told Foxy she would never walk again, she not only walks she runs; and not only runs, but wins a championship!  My favorite quote from the book is when Foxy says, “Lying on the sidewalk, I felt that same sense of helplessness.  This time, no one comforted me.”  It is my favorite because it is such deep detail and you can truly FEEL what Foxy is feeling.

    I liked this book also, because it teaches you to always have courage.  It was effective because it was told from the dog’s point of view.  I love how she takes you through her trying, and trying, and trying and finally succeeding! If I could change one part it would be the ending, it was a cliffhanger and I would really like to know what happened to them.  Overall, I give the book four stars.

    As you can see I love this book and highly recommend it! Ed White is a great author and I hope you will feel the same way.

Book review 5-Foxy’s Tale by Ed White

Book review by Timothy McCarthy

    How could a young dog know she’s ready for sled dog racing? This question is the theme of Foxy’s Tale by Ed White.  This amazing story shows a young dog that becomes an amazing sled dog.  Foxy tells the story to make it more intriguing.  Her point of view makes it entertaining!  It is a great book and I very much recommend it!
    Foxy is a sled dog that starts racing and gets injured.  She lives in Alaska where she learns to be a sled dog racer.  Michael, her first owner, never taught her about racing because he thought she was too small.  Foxy also wants to prove she can be the best dog ever.  When the author describes the howling at night, and the perfect white snow, it is breath taking.

    I think the strongest part of the story is its characters.  They include extraordinary details and they make the story believable.  You really get to know the people because it is true, and that makes it way more exciting.  Foxy describes, “how bad things happen, but good things happen after.” This is how you feel throughout the whole book.

    The only complaint I had was it was a little short.  I wanted it to continue.  It was still a great book.  Overall, Foxy’s Tale is an amazing story about an adorable sled dog.  Boys and girls of all ages should read and enjoy it! 

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