Foxy's Tale - Sandy White's Racing History

The Chugiak Dog Mushers have a race each year for people who have never raced in a sled dog race. It is called the Cheechako Race. Some people who are new to the sport use their own dogs and other people who don't have dogs borrow dogs from friends or other mushers.

They give two trophies for first place. One first place trophy goes to the actual winner of the race (usually to someone who has borrowed dogs from a musher) and one first place trophy goes to the person who has the fastest time using their own dogs. Sandy won the race in 1989, using her own dogs, so she won both of the trophies. She accepted the trophies and immediately announced her retirement from the sport.

Here is a picture of Sandy crossing the finish line. Blackie in lead and Shakey and Axel in wheel.

sandy race

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