Foxy's Tale Two

For the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to Skype with students at Rieck Avenue Elementary School, in Millville, New Jersey. I look forward to the Skype session with them each year. 

This year something amazing happened after our session. Three of the students wrote sequels to Foxy's Tale.  They did such a great job with their stories. With their permission, I am going to share the stories with you.

By Joei Nicole Sutton

Chapter 1

    Kelly and Foxy have won the big race so they’re excited to keep going strong! They are training now for the 2-dog race and are hoping for another win! “Foxy!” “Rosie!” hollered Kelly boomingly. Foxy and Rosie came dashing, all ready for training. “It’s time for work, no playing around.” Kelly giggled while trying to act serious. Nothing pleased the dogs more than training with each other and Kelly!

    Enthusiastically, the two dogs, Kelly, and dad rushed outside ready to get started. “Pull! Run! Go!” screamed dad. He’d never looked more excited now that Kelly and Foxy won the Junior World Dog Sled Championship. After hours of practice racing, timed runs, and long trail running, mom walked outside and yelled “Who wants cocoa?”. “ME!” Kelly shouted while the dogs barked and howled.

    The race was in two weeks which meant two weeks worth of repeats of today. Foxy and Rosie curled up with Kelly next to the warm fire. It wasn't the dogs’ favorite temperature, but they loved cuddling with Kelly. It was time for bed and Foxy laid next to her mother and dreamt wildly about the race.

    The thick ice and snow buried Foxy’s paws while the cold air gusted around her and Rosie. Nothing could stop them now as they moved into starting position, ready to win again. “GO!” shouted the announcer, and off they went! Down the path, Foxy and Rosie could see the finish line now and to let Kelly know they barked like crazy. “Whoosh”

    The final leap woke Foxy right up with excitement. Foxy and Rosie’s screeching howls woke the whole house up, time for training…again!

Chapter 2
    Now, up and ready, Foxy, Rosie, and Kelly are running around the trails getting warmed up for the timed training. Kelly doesn’t have to run in the real races, of course, but it keeps the dogs motivated. After two final laps around the inside of the yard, the three come to a halt. “Strength training today!” called out dad. Foxy and Rosie were okay with that for sure. All the running makes them tired and they love learning new things as well! To do weight training Foxy and Rosie are strapped with their harnesses to the toboggan and dad and Kelly continue to make the toboggan heavier while the dogs pull.

    At first, the dogs were loving the new activity, but it didn’t take long before they both got tired. They took a break, then went back to it for only a couple of minutes, then on to obstacles! In the yard dad had set up a long line of obstacles. Rosie was up first, through the tubes around the picks, and under the branches, perfect! Now it was time for Foxy to go. It didn’t go very smoothly. She got stuck in the tubes, tripped on the picks, and ran into the branches. Foxy was a hot mess.
    Foxy was good at everything when it came to straight racing, but when it came to obstacles she couldn’t do anything. This has to be fixed, one obstacle in that race, and if Foxy is like this, they’re toast! Kelly may have a big title now, but she needs to hold her own and win again!

    Dad and Kelly made Foxy run through that obstacle course practically a million times over. Even though Foxy had still not perfected the course, it was getting late and they all needed a break. “Good job today Rosie.” Kelly exclaimed to Rosie. “But you need a little work.” Kelly said in a babyish tone to Foxy. Kelly could not love these dogs more, so it pains her to see them work so hard and still not get where they need to be. Dad had told Kelly before she went to bed that he knew she didn’t want to, but Foxy had to run that obstacle course until she could do it perfectly. Foxy was so sore she laid right down and stayed there, she was scared to mess up the race next week.

Chapter 3

    “Hustle up girls!” called dad as he got out of the truck. The girls raced out of the truck and got all of the supplies. Before long Kelly, Foxy, and Rosie were standing at the starting line ready to race. “This is it.” Kelly said to her dogs. As the announcer said go, Foxy took off and could suddenly see obstacles up ahead! She barked, she jumped, there they were and…

    “Wake up Foxy!” yelled Kelly, it was all a dream. A dream that made Foxy suddenly work twice as hard. On Foxy’s first try in the course it was perfect! Nothing could stop Foxy now. She was the whole package, speed, strength, and now obstacles! Kelly was so proud of Foxy and Rosie. Now that Foxy can do the course their team is unstoppable!

    Kelly asked her dad if she could take the dogs for a walk in the trails, he said yes so the dogs and Kelly started down the trails. Kelly was talking to the dogs, but since she thought they could not understand her she believed she was speaking to herself. “I hope we can win the race, it would be a start to our new winning streak! Right girls?” she spoke enthusiastically. Foxy and Rosie barked as if to say yes. As they walked along the path Kelly noticed Foxy jumping over everything in her way. “It is kind of like an obstacle course isn’t it Foxy?” said Kelly very curiously. Suddenly Rosie started jumping along with Foxy, they looked so in synch, it was actually really funny looking.

    Kelly, Rosie, and Foxy suddenly appeared out of the woodsy pathways back into their yard. It was foggy outside so they sort of looked like a super hero team coming out of the misty woods! They all went inside to have dinner and to play a little before bedtime. When the dreaded bedtime finally came, Kelly along with the dogs, were very upset because of how much fun they were having at the time. Also, they knew it was closer to training time.

Chapter 4

    Now, with only three days left to practice, Kelly, Rosie, Foxy, and dad were all getting ready to get started. They trained for hours, afterwards the dogs could not be more tired. Same about Kelly she was now the one who was dog tired! “These last few days of training are the most important days because these are the ones you’ll remember most. Do you hear me Kelly and you too you two little champs?” Dad called into Kelly’s room to her and the dogs. “Yeah dad, I hear you.” Kelly replied as the dogs barked.

    On that Friday, the day before the race, there was some tough training. They reviewed everything they’d learned, from beginning to end. They went over strength training, speed training, and obstacle courses. The dogs did exquisite despite the high temperature of almost twenty-five degrees. The dogs are at their most comfortable in a zero or below temperature. Hopefully, the weather will be better for the race tomorrow!

    Training isn't over quite yet, though. Kelly and the dogs must take three timed test runs to see how fast they can go with Kelly on the sled. It was perfect practice for the real race, especially when using the exact distance. On their first test they had a time of 72.6 seconds. That was a very fast time, but it didn’t beat their best. Their best time on the timed races was 56.3 seconds. They had to beat their personal best if they ever wanted a chance of taking home that blue ribbon.

    In their second race they got 63.9 seconds. They were doing better now. They really needed to beat their time on this last one. Dad blew the horn and off went Foxy and Rosie carrying Kelly on the sled. They were already at forty-three seconds and ¾ of the way there they were going to make it! With one last leap Foxy and Rosie carried Kelly over the finish line, and the time was beat. At 50.4 seconds Kelly, Foxy, and Rosie have beaten their record of fastest timed race! Now they were officially ready for that big race!

Chapter 5

    Today was a big day for the team, it was race day! The day they’ve been training for. There was no turning back now, everything was looking up at this point. They beat their record, Foxy learned obstacles, and Kelly is so proud and ready. This team needed to be victorious! Everything was riding on this race, including Kelly’s new sponsors. Foxy and Rosie jumped out of the front seat of the truck along with dad. Now that Kelly lets Rosie sit in the front seat, in her old spot next to Foxy, Kelly sits in the back seat.

    Dad and Kelly unloaded the stuff for the race after strapping the dogs to the back of the truck to wait. After Kelly got the sled out she had to unhook the hinges to set it up properly. Kelly learned to do all of this from her dad, but she still gets mixed up a lot. “Dad! Can you help me with this, it got stuck again!” Kelly said, very frustrated. “Yeah, I’m coming, Kel,”
replied dad. As Kelly looked around she noticed there were not many racers, but that was no reason to slack off. When Kelly had gotten her race number she realized she was the last racer to go up and that was the best position because it gives the dogs a rest and lets them move a little. Plus, it gives the musher a chance to see what he or she is up against.

    Now, there were only two people in front of Kelly and the dogs were ready to go. They couldn’t wait to get on the track. Now, it was Kelly’s turn. The dogs were barking and she was smiling. “GO!” the announcer shouted. This time it was real, no turning around, straight paths no curves. Foxy and Rosie took off fast as lightning. This was it, the first race of the season and she started out quick. The team felt good, going strong, they crossed the finish line! Since Kelly was the last racer they knew the results directly after she was finished. “And the winners are… Kelly, Foxy, and Rosie!” Kelly could not be happier. She got the first blue ribbon of the season all thanks to her wonderful dogs!​​​​​​​​​​

By: Brianna Miller

Chapter 1

    Kelly and Foxy have already won the big race so they are excited to keep on moving strong. They are training now for the 2 dog class race and are hoping for another win. “Foxy!” “Come here girl!” Kelly is ecstatic to start their first training session. Foxy ran to Kelly, jumped in the front seat of the car. “Kelly, do you have everything?” “The sled and the harness?” Kelly checked the bag.“Yeah.” She exclaimed, and they drove off to the lake, waiting to see how well or horrible their first practice would turn out to be.

Chapter 2

    “Foxy, let’s go.” Kelly grabbed the sled and ran to the cold white snow. Kelly checked to make sure the harness was tight and strapped Foxy on to the sled. “3, 2, 1!” shouted Kelly’s father. As soon as he finished talking Kelly and Foxy were off! Around the big wide lake they went, as quick as a fox. Foxy was running like the wind, and almost out of breath. Kelly threw Foxy a piece of raw meat to keep her moving. Foxy’s tail wagged and wagged, she was so delighted! With only a couple meters to go, Kelly and Foxy were eating up time like it was the last thing they would ever devour. Kelly and Foxy ran right past the finish line, still with all energy forward but only one question, did they beat the time.

Chapter 3

    Foxy and Kelly ran to their dad, in an enthusiastic mood. “What’s the time?” Kelly was in such a mixed position she was shaking! “5:45!” Kelly was so happy with Foxy and herself! She gave Foxy a big hug and had an even bigger smile from ear to ear! “We did so well!” Kelly said to Foxy. “You did great!” Foxy gave her a look like she did even better! Their practice turned out great! They both ran to the car with their giant smiles and hopped in. They couldn’t wait to go home to tell Kelly’s mom all about their amazing training session.

Chapter 4

    “Mom, we’re home!” screamed Kelly as she made her way through her front door. “How was it Kelly?” questioned her mom, waiting for an exquisite answer from her daughter. “It went as smooth as silk.” Kelly had a little smirk on her face when she said that because she knew that she and Foxy did great. “We’ll just have to wait and see how Rosie’s first practice goes tomorrow.” Kelly called Rosie and Foxy over to the kitchen. “Foxy…Rosie!” The dogs came dashing to the kitchen. Kelly threw them each a piece of raw meat. Foxy’s favorite snack but also one of Rosie’s. “One for Foxy for such a great practice today, and one for Rosie for a booster for practice tomorrow.” Kelly was delighted to throw a piece of raw
meat to each dog, it was definitely their rewards.

Chapter 5

    Kelly jumped right out of bed the next morning at 6am. “Rosie!” she called, but only silence to respond. “Rosie!?!” She was very worried that Rosie was either hurt or lost. Where could Rosie be? Kelly ran right to the kitchen where Rosie and Foxy slept. She looked over at Foxy’s bed, but she was just there snoring. Then, she looked at Rosie’s bed with her heart pounding at 100 beats a second. The adrenaline was rushing through her body. Rosie was gone! Kelly then started bawling out tears, she didn’t even look anywhere else where Rosie could possibly be. Rosie was such a good dog, how could she leave? Kelly ran to her father’s room and woke him up, shouting with terror. “We need to go to the lake right now!” “Rosie is lost!” Her father grasped his keys and hopped rapidly into the car. He zoomed off into the city, still with Rosie out of sight. “Could she be at the lake?” Kelly leaned her head on her father’s shoulder, wondering where one of her amazing dog could’ve gone.

Chapter 6

    Once they arrived at the lake, Kelly jumped out of the truck. She ran right to the little house behind the lake. She peeked as quiet as a mouse through the window, only to find a bed with a blanket on it. She then went to the window on the other side for a better view. Tip toeing past the front of the house, she stuck her head in the opposite window. She saw something in the bed. Could it be Rosie? Or could it be something that could hurt her? She was too scared to go inside, but also wondering if she should call her dad or not. If she calls him it will wake up the creature beneath this old blanket, but if she goes inside, she could become an independent little girl and find what is under that piece of fine material. She stood for a long time by that window. As time flew by, she got more and more worried of where her dog could be. "I will just walk in quietly, and peek to see if Rosie is under that blanket or not.” she said to herself. “But what if it’s not Rosie, with the Jr. World Dog Sled Championship coming up, I can’t afford to get injured."

Chapter 7

    Kelly sneaked into the little red house and left the door cracked open, just for any possible emergencies. She pinched one side of the blanket and listened for any sound. “Nothing.” She whispered. She heard no sound, and that was absolutely perfect. Now she knew that this sort of creature was still in a deep sleep. She lifted the blanket, adrenaline rushing through her and opened her eyes, only to find a furry little creature. “It’s Rosie!” She cried in tears of absolute joy. Her dog was the most intelligent ever. She knew exactly where they would have training today and she was on board! “Smart dog!” she exclaimed, and she laid on the bed with her favorite dog ever, knowing training was going to turn out great.

Chapter 8

    “Wake up!” shouted her dad. “Wake up!” Kelly fell into a deep sleep and totally forgot about practice! She stood right up and grabbed Rosie. “Let’s go!” Kelly ran to the car, grabbed the sled, and ran back to Rosie. “You have the timer?” she questioned her dad. “Yeah.” Kelly warmed up her body and made sure Rosie was harnessed tight on the sled. “3,2,1!” and off Kelly and Rosie went, in another race to beat the time! “Go, go, go!” her father was so excited for his own daughter and her dog Rosie! Moving and moving at a rapid pace went Kelly and Rosie! Just like the normal routine, Kelly threw Rosie a piece of raw meat because they were a couple seconds away from the finish. They slid right past the finish line like champions. “Time?” Kelly was so happy for her and her intelligent dog! “The time is 5:44!” “Rosie, you beat Foxy by 1 second!” “Wow!” Kelly was so thankful that her two dogs were around the same speed! Their pace would be perfect in the Jr. World Dog Sled Championship.

Chapter 9
    The championship is tomorrow and Kelly feels so joyful about her team! She feels they will do an awesome job in this race! It is the grand finale so they are ready to bring on the win! Kelly was looking through her trophies just an hour ago, and she had a big open spot for the first place trophy that they are going to get tomorrow! “Kelly!” “You need to start packing!” Kelly’s mother always was on top of organization when it came to Kelly’s races. Kelly was sure to pack everything she needed because she couldn’t forget one thing for the big championship! Kelly is going to be the youngest competitor in the race, but that doesn’t mean that her competition can step all over her! She knew that would not happen! This would be a grueling competition but it sure wouldn’t be a loss for Kelly, Rosie and Foxy!

Chapter 10

    Kelly thought of strategies the whole ride there. “Dad, do you have any thoughts that could get us the win?” “Well, not getting disqualified again could help you out a lot!” The whole car had a laugh with those words! “Ha-ha, that would be great!” Her dad always had the laughs stuck to him. They finally arrived at the Jr. World Dog Sled Championship and guess what the first thing that caught Kelly’s eye was? All the dogs she was competing against! She could feel her nerves shaking, and her thoughts were fried. The competition really gave her a panic! She petted her two dogs and told them all that was going to happen. “We are going all out today okay?”  “It is the grand finale and we can’t afford to take the loss.” “The win is food in this situation, we absolutely need it!”

Chapter 11

    Kelly and her two dogs were already champions in their minds because they set up as quick as ever. They were the first contestants ready and on their spot. “You girls got this!” “I know you have it in you!” Kelly and the dogs’ father told them. He was not only the father of Kelly, he was the father of the whole team. The announcer then came up to the microphone and did the Pledge of Allegiance. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.” Kelly was so pumped to start this race, she gave both Foxy and Rosie a piece of raw meat! “3,2,1, GO!” “Zoom!” went all the sleds as they slid through the numbing snow. Kelly, Foxy, and Rosie were neck and neck with the team #7. Could they zoom past into first and really take the win? It all depended on the speedy but steady pace they took through this grueling race.

Chapter 12

    The team was in first by about 50 meters. That seemed like a bit, but it was really a nice big chunk of the winner’s dessert. Kelly felt the dogs were doing a great job so she decided to throw them each a piece of raw meat to give them an even bigger boost. And it really did! Their speed got picked up to an even faster pace and the dogs weren’t even tired yet! They are already through 50 kilometers of rough terrain and they have 5 more to go. Time passed by but they were still ahead of it. “Go Kelly, go!” shouted the fading voice of her father. Foxy was doing a great job for such a young age! But Rosie was doing great too! They were in first by a lot more than 50 meters now! There was no one else in sight! With how they were doing now,they definitely could get the win.

Chapter 13

    “Come on Team #3!” “You got it!” Kelly’s dad was still cheering nonstop! He knew if the team didn’t have an audience for them, they wouldn’t do as great! The team was now a half kilometer away from the finish! Still in first, the team was still as far ahead as a kilometer! Kelly knew they were going to get first by now and nothing would stop them. About 15 meters away they could already see the finish line! Just to show the dogs how well they were doing Kelly gave them two pieces of meat each! This was the most they ever got, but they definitely deserved it!

Chapter 14

    “And our winners are Kelly, Foxy, and Rosie White!” Kelly carefully handled the trophy from the announcer and walked with it back to her seat, but before she arrived there the newspaper asked for her picture. “Hi. I am a journalist from the Daily Journal.” “Can I please have your name and the names of your dogs?” Kelly had a smile as big as the world when she heard that, and she knew with her talented dogs she and her team could possibly become famous one day! Maybe even a book could come out with how Kelly White and her 2 dog class team of Foxy and Rosie saved themselves through the challenging Jr. World Dog Sled Championship! All Kelly knew was that Foxy and Rosie would most definitely deserve it.

By: Jordan Sprowl

Chapter One

    Kelly and Foxy, have won the Jr. World Dog Sled Championship race and are excited to keep going strong. They are training now for the two dog class race and are hoping for another win. “Go Foxy and Rosie you can do it!” Kelly screamed. As they come into sight, they are not far from the finish line. “And another first place win for Kelly, Foxy, and Rosie!” The enthusiastic announcer yelled.

    “Good job!” Kelly’s dad exclaimed. “Thanks dad!” Kelly said out of breath. Kelly unhooked Foxy and Rosie’s harness. The dogs were all excited. Kelly gave Foxy and Rosie some raw meat, to hold them over before dinner. After dinner, Foxy and Rosie lay next to Kelly curled in a ball. Before they knew it, it was time for bed. In the morning, they headed out to practice. They sat happily in the truck knowing what was going on. The first step into the snow was thrilling every time.

    As Foxy sped across the lake, Rosie wasn’t feeling too well. She was whining loudly. Kelly and her family were worried because they had a big race in five days. Kelly inspected Rosie carefully, checking every inch of her paws. But, she didn’t find a problem. Then, her dad checked and, he found a very petite thorn wedged in the paw. Kelly’s dad took Rosie home and had to use tweezers to get it out.

    Foxy was worried because she didn’t know what happened to her mother, Rosie. After that Rosie and Kelly’s father returned to the lake, it was all fun. First, Foxy and Rosie raced without sleds, then with sleds. Foxy, won the first and Rosie won the second.

    Once they had gone home it was time for dinner. Foxy and Rosie got canned dog food and sometimes they got table food. Foxy, wasn’t acting normal she was limping where she had got hit. “Are you okay Foxy?” Kelly was concerned. “Dad, I think Foxy is hurt.” Kelly said concerned.  “I’ll make a vet appointment right now.” Dad said while walking over to the phone. While dad was on the phone Kelly pulled out Foxy’s bed. Dad carried Foxy up to Kelly's room to sleep. Kelly kissed Foxy goodnight.

Chapter Two

    It was now morning and there was an abundant amount of snow on the ground. Foxy looked and walked better. Foxy’s appointment was at two thirty.  The whole family was going, even Rosie. When they were finally called into the room, they found out that Foxy just needed a pill. Everyone was so relived. Foxy and Rosie both got a treat on the way home.

    As soon as they got home, they packed their bags and headed out to
the lake. Kelly strapped Foxy and Rosie to the sled, and off they went,
leaving Kelly behind. Kelly screamed and screeched, but they would not come back until they crossed the poorly drawn finish line. They zipped across and Kelly’s parents held them back so Kelly could get on. As soon as they let go, they took off down the lake.

    Kelly’s booming voice motivated the dogs to push their limit. They
beat their previous time of 5.46 with 5.32. Kelly was so excited for the race, she just went from a level two to a level three. This was her first race in level three. It was now three days before the race and they were practicing 24/7. They practice from seven Am. until ten Pm. They had very short breaks and were beating there time by just under a second. Kelly had almost lost her voice by ten Pm, from all her squealing and shouting. When they got home they all got tucked in and slept heavily.

    It was now two days before the race, Kelly’s friend also races in the two dog class. Today they are going to practice together. When they first got to the lake, they got their dogs prepped and ready to go. Ready!… Set!... Go! They were both speeding down the frozen, numbing, and freezing lake. They were coming around the slippery turn. They were neck and neck, the dogs were giving their all. Both of the girls had beat their time, Kelly’s time was 4.34 and Amber’s time was 4.35. “Yay!” Kelly was thrilled, but shocked that it was so close. Amber was as happy as Kelly. Hours after, the sun was fading and the temperature was decreasing. They had to do one more race before they left. Amber wanted revenge but Kelly wanted to keep her title.          

    Amber was in the lead by a hair, and Foxy is known for doing better in the second half of the race. Kelly, Foxy, and Rosie were catching up quick! “Go Kelly!” Her parents wailed. They passed the finish line and Kelly
had won by a tenth of a second. Amber was a good sport for losing twice. “Good try.” Kelly stated. “Thanks, good job.” Amber said trying to hide her disappointment.

    Kelly’s family and Amber’s family unhooked the dogs from the harness and packed their trucks, and headed home. When they got home Kelly took out her journal and wrote about her day. “It’s time for bed, honey.” Kelly’s mother said in her loving voice. ”Okay mom.” Kelly wanted to stay and write but she was also extremely tired.

Chapter Three
    It was now the day before the race and Kelly, Foxy, and Rosie were ecstatic. The truck was packed with blankets, comfortable chairs, and the harnesses and sled. All the things they will need tomorrow, for example water bottles, dogs food, water bowls, heavy jackets and snow pants they will pack tomorrow.

    “Dad can we go late to the lake, I need to finish writing in my journal!” Kelly exclaimed. “No, the race is tomorrow, you have five minuets, then you have to get ready to go.” Dad stated firmly. “Thank you dad, I love you so much!" Kelly squealed. After the five minuets, Kelly got her and the dogs ready to go. When they arrived at the lake the dogs took off out of the truck and started wrestling wildly.
    “Come here my babies!” Kelly said in her caring, sweet, and loving voice. The dogs came to get harnessed to the sled. “You’re a good
girl…Yes you are!" The dogs were wild, carefree, and speedy. This time they did ten laps instead of five to stretch out their legs, so they don’t pull a muscle. They beat the clock the second time they went around for ten laps. By the time it was lunch, the dogs were drained of energy, but they still practiced as hard as they could. 

Chapter Four

    “Dad, can we leave yet?” Kelly moaned. “No, you have one more hour.” Dad stated firmly. “But dad?” “No.” Kelly didn’t want to annoy dad
anymore than he is. One more time Foxy and Rosie had to race around the track pulling the sled. Rosie did really good, considering that she is not as young anymore. But, Foxy was exceptional for her age and the fact that she was struck by a car.

    Now, Kelly and her family were packing the truck. “Tomorrow is the big race!” Kelly exclaimed. When they got home Kelly had a nice, long, and delightful dream about the race. ”Kelly, wake up…Kelly.” Her dad nudged. “Ugghh.” Kelly groaned. Kelly got up, she was exited but she was still tired. Kelly ate breakfast, got ready, and got the dogs ready. She packed the last minute things in the truck. “I’m ready to go dad.” “Ok sweetie.” Dad started the truck and they were on our way.

    Dad, Foxy, and Rosie were in the front, and they were all happy as larks. When they arrived at the race, it was packed with people. Some were racing and some were watching. “Wow” Kelly was stunned. This was one of the biggest races they ever competed in. Kelly and the dogs were ecstatic. Kelly’s dad was setting up the sled. Once dad was finished they got to the starting line. Kelly’s team was number seven. “Ready… Set…Go!” The dogs were off! They dashed down the track and were in second place. The team was doing great, they were now tied with first place. The team pulled ahead and had a big lead.
    They came around the bend and were just yards away from the finish line. “And the winner is… team seven!” The announcer announced. “Yay!” Kelly and her family were all thrilled. It was the best day of their lives. Kelly got a huge trophy and ribbons for the dogs. When they got home Kelly and the dogs cuddled up on the couch, had hot coco, and watched a movie about the Iditarod. Kelly had the best dream and now its was her reality.


Joei, Jordan, and Brianna

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