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The plot sounds like a Disney Movie: the smallest puppy in an Alaskan sled-dog litter gets sold to a family as a pet. After the dog is seriously injured, the family veterinarian recommends euthanasia, she believes the dog may never walk again. But Foxy recovers and not only learns to walk again, but she also learns to run, and to pull a sled. With her best friend Kelly, she goes on to successfully race and later compete in the Junior World Championship Sled Dog Race in Anchorage.


Foxy's Tale - The True Story of a Champion Alaskan Sled Dog, is a 77- page book, with cover art and illustrations by Alaskan artist Charles Lindemuth. The book, told from Foxy's point of view, describes the real-life adventures of a former runt of the litter who wouldn't give up, and the family who loved her. Co-authored by retired musher Ed White and journalist and children's writer Donna Freedman, this true heart-warming story demonstrates how hard work and determination will help you live your dreams and achieve your goals, despite your size.

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