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Ok, so now I have been to your school and you know all about Foxy and Kelly. I put this secret page on the web site so you could look at the videos I showed at school again and you can share them with members of your family. I have also included many more videos that I did not have time to show at school. I hope you enjoy watching them. I have also included a blog on the Arctic Winter Games (AWG). The link to that page is to the left of this paragraph. There are pictures and videos from the 1990 and 1992 games when Kelly represented the State of Alaska in the Dog Mushing event.

You can also email me with any questions you might have after watching the videos.

Here is the clip of KTUU Channel 2's John Carpenter interviewing me the week the book was first published.

This is the clip of me getting Foxy ready to go for a training run and Foxy running at the Tozier Sled Dog Trail.

Here is the clip of me interviewing Kelly the day she won her first race.

This is the short clip of the sports broadcast that night during KTUU Channel 2's evening news broadcast.

This clip is of day three of the 1987 Junior World Championship Sled Dog Race. It shows Kelly running first then two other competitors.

The weekend after the Junior World Championship Race, the adults race in the World Championship Race. The race starts downtown the same place as the Iditarod starts on 4th Avenue. The mushers race 5 miles through town out to the sled dog trails. They then race 15 miles out there before heading back into town the same way they went out. There are a lot of people downtown who watch the start and finish of the race. There is about an hour from the time the last musher leaves and the first musher returns. So to entertain the people watching the race, sometimes they have children race down the street. When they invited Kelly and Foxy to race, I wasn't sure Foxy would be able to do it. She had never raced on a street before. I took Foxy and Kelly down to the starting line and Mom waited at the finish line. I was sure Foxy would ignore the crowd and try to get to Mom and the raw liver as fast as she could. The team in front of Kelly wasn't so luck as you can see below.

This is a clip from ESPN. They came to our house and shot about 4 hours of video. They ended up using one minute and 23 seconds. This is what they put on television.

In 1988 when Kelly was racing in the two-dog class she was sponsored by the Anchorage radio station KFQD. One weekday morning before a big race Kelly was interviewed on the radio by KFQD's Marcus in the Morning. You can listen to the interview below.

One question I get asked often when I visit schools is, "Did you ever race in a sled dog race?" Of course the answer to that question is yes. Then someone will ask, "Did you ever win a race?" I put the clip below on here just to prove to everyone I  won a race. My complete race record along with Kelly's and Mom's is on the author page of this web site.

Other people want to know what we did with the dogs in the summertime. We didn't do much with them. Then someone came up with an idea to race them around a football field in a thing called a Sacco cart. It was a lot of fun. The dogs loved it as much as we did. Then they put on some races for the tourists in Fairbanks, Alaska, and over 50 people would show up to race. I drove up to the Fairbanks races twice and won enough money to pay for my gas up and back. Here is a clip from one of the races.

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