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Foxy loved to play with puppies. When Rosie had a litter of two puppies, Foxy played with them in the living room all of the time, as you can see below.

Foxy also liked to play with the dogs in the backyard. Here she is playing with them after a large snowfall.

Sometimes we would go with Bill Larson and Lori Henderson and their puppies with Foxy and our puppies over to Campbell Airstrip and let all of them run free.

Kelly not only raced In Anchorage and Chugiak, but she also competed in other Alaskan races in Fairbanks and Paxson, Alaska. The following is a clip from the Junior Northern American Sled Dog Race in Fairbanks when Kelly raced in the 3-dog class. Her leaders are Chinook and Bogey. The black dog making all the noise in the back is Axle.

In 1992 Kelly raced in Paxson Tail-ender Race in both the 5 and 3 dog class. The clip below was taken from the trail. Note she is only using 4 dogs and still came in second place.

Here is a clip from the same point on the trail during the 3-dog event. She came in second place in both events during this two day race.

So after watching these video clips, are you saying to yourself, I'd like to be a dog musher? Well there is a lot to learn about driving dogs and riding a sled and the learning never stops. Here is a clip of a girl in a two-dog race in Paxson, Alaska that hasn't quite learned how to take a 90 degree turn. Good this there was a trail guard there to help her or she would have had a long walk to the finish.

Here is a boy who was leaning to the left instead of to the right into a 90 degree right turn. He has mastered the first rule of dog mushing though, don't let go of the sled.

Junior mushers are not the only mushers who fall. Here is an Iditarod musher going down a hill the hard way. On the next page, you will see a World Champion Dog Musher taking a hard fall in the annual World Championship Sled Dog Race in Anchorage, Alaska.

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