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Those students at Rieck Avenue School in New Jersey are at it again. This time instead of writing detailed sequels, they have written reviews of Foxy's Tale.

You can read the reviews here.

Email from a teacher in
Williamsburg, VA. after a Skype presentation:

My kids loved meeting you and hearing their names being said during our time together. Can't thank you enough for your time, your kindness and for writing such a great "clean" story. I will send a class picture soon.
Email from a teacher in Fayetteville,
Ga. after a Skype presentation:

Thank you so much! The kids floated out of the room. We asked them if they wanted to do the sequel to Foxy's Tale and they are excited and thinking about adventures!

Email from a computer lab teacher in Muskegon, Michigan:

I want to tell you that the third grade class has been reading your book and they LOVE it!  Their teacher said that they have not been as excited about any other book all year.

Email from a teacher in Hilton, New York:

Hi! We are ready to Skype with you if you are still willing. My students LOVED your book. What a wonderful story. Every time we had to stop I had lots of whining and complaining – even when we were going out for recess! Amazing.

Email from a teacher in Merion, PA:

We just finished your awesome book Foxy’s Tale . The students and I LOVED it. We couldn’t read it fast enough. They were so excited throughout the story. Of course at the end we wanted more. Thank you so much for sharing your great book with us. It opened up some very curious minds who are anxious to skype with you and ask you some questions. They all want to bring the book home to share with their parents this wonderful inspiring story.

I would also like our local childrens' book store to read it and carry it for others to enjoy. I plan on telling the owners all about this wonderful story for all ages.

I had Nick surprised when they announced over the school PA system that he won the tee shirt. His face was priceless. He wore his shirt all day today in school in lieu of his uniform. Thank you again for a memorable experience for my students.

Note: The three teachers listed above used capital letters to spell "loved" and "love."

Letter from a teacher in Havertown, Pennsylvania, and a newspaper article from Haverford, Pennsylvania:

"When I close the door on my official teaching, this book will sit proudly on my book shelf.  It will be a reminder that there was a very special bond each year in my classroom where everyone sat glued to each word, sharing the moment together. The emotions of sadness and joy will be brilliant as I'll see innocent faces of all my past second graders come flooding back to me."  read entire letter and article here:

Email from a vice principal in Fairfax Virginia:

"Mr. White I just wanted to let you know how much the students and the teachers enjoyed your presentation. The teachers have gone out of their way to let me know how much they enjoyed it, and how the students were very 'caught up' in the presentation."

Email from a teacher in San Francisco:

"Hi Ed. I just finished reading Foxy's Tale with the kids. They LOVED it! At the end when Foxy won the race they literally jumped up and down and cheered. You are now the biggest celebrity in their eyes, and every single student wants to get a dog! Thank you so much!  ... The time we spent reading Foxy's Tale was, in the words of one of my students, 'a week to remember'."  

Video from KTUU Channel 2, Anchorage, Alaska

Email from one of Ed White's biggest fans:

"This is one of your biggest fans!  Foxy's Tale is my favorite book! I read it twenty times from the time you came to my school! My school is in Endicott, NY and you came to my second grade class! You encouraged me to get a better at writing, like you did for your book. I am now a writer and I am on my way in being a journalist. You came to my school 4 years ago though! I am now in middle school and in the 6th grade! You are my favorite author in the world! I admire the book Foxy's Tale! You signed my book when I was in 2nd grade and we had lunch together with the whole entire class. For all these years I have been reading your book over and over again. It never gets boring! I have always wanted to know what it was like in Alaska! I wish you luck if you are going to write another book. If you do... trust me I will buy your next book. Nothing will ever stop me!" Your biggest fan, Ashley.

Email from a grandmother in Williamsport, Pennsylvania:

"My granddaughter goes to the school you visited today and is in 3rd grade. Her teacher read the class your book. She loved it. Please tell me how I may be able to secure an autographed copy of your book for my grand daughter. She got off to a slow start reading but has recently taken off and become a strong reader. I want to encourage that as much as possible. She loved the book so much she wants to re-read it herself!"

Email from two teachers in Yardley, Pennsylvania:

"Thanks for coming to Quarry Hill and sharing your presentation on Foxy's Tale and mushing with us. The children really enjoyed it. I also received several kudos from my colleagues about how informative and enjoyable your visit was for them. It really made Foxy's Tale come alive for all of us. I hope we will be able to get together next year."

"Thank you soooo much! Your presentation activated lots of excitement towards investigation and learning. The other teachers are very interested in you returning next year."

Letter from a teacher in Walnut Creek, California:

"Dear Mr. White,  I purchased Foxy's Tale to read to my third grade class. Each year we follow the Iditarod, and it is a highlight of my teaching year. Foxy's Tale was extremely well received. My children thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a perfect for third graders!"

Thank you note from a teacher in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania:

"Dear Mr. White, It's not very often we have the opportunity for our second grade students to meet and speak with a real author. As I read your book to them, Foxy almost became real in their minds. They didn't want me to put the story down. Thank you for caring about young authors-to-be."

Email from a parent in Manassas, Virginia:

"Mr. White, my son thoroughly enjoyed your book so much and we wanted to say 'thank you' for coming to visit us today. Ryan received the book around noon and completed it at 5:00 that same day!!! He loved it! Please take this as a great compliment because he really is not much of a reader but your book gave him great inspiration. Thanks again for sharing your story with us."

Email from a student in Oil City, Pennsylvania:

"Hi Mr. White, I love the book Foxy's Tale. It is the best book I have ever read! I am on chapter 7 page 55. My biggest dream is to go to Alaska and win a sled dog race! If you have the time, I was wondering if you can email me back and tell me about sled dog racing please."

Review from a neighbor:

"I have read the book, and the story of Foxy is so impressive and original. Sometimes I just couldn't help laughing out when Foxy wanted to succeed by shortcuts. Foxy's story is so close to everyday life. It is about family, teamwork, hard work and forgiveness when somebody makes a mistake. There are so many values in this original story. "

Review from

"I bought this book for the granddaughter of a good friend who loves Alaskan Huskies, and, once I read it, I kept it for myself and my own grandchildren! I'll probably be buying other copies to give as is THAT good! Not only does it give you an insight into how Alaskan sled dogs are bred and raised, but it tells a great story besides. You learn what it is like to live in the unique remote conditions of life in Alaska and the simple, extraordinary bond between the "runt" of a litter and the little girl who befriends, raises, inspires and cherishes her. It is such a beautiful story that you cry at times....when the dog almost dies and, especially, when the dog and the girl together win the race!! Yes, it definitely ends well, but the most important thing is that the story is written and lived well. I highly recommend it for young children AND the adults who read to them.....they will ALL enjoy it!!"

Email from a parent in Johnson City, New York:

"Mr. White, last week you visited my daughter's school. Emily received an autographed Foxy's Tale. She is 7 years old. Emily loves to read. She began reading your book on Friday and finished it today. She wanted to keep reading and had a hard time putting it down! She absolutely loved it! Thank you for visiting JC School and sharing your talent with all of the students there. "

Email from a principal in Altoona, Pennsylvania:

"Thanks again for coming!  It meant a lot to us, and we LOVED your pictures and presentation. You are welcome back any time!"

Email from a student in Endicott, New York:

"Mrs. Aebli just finished reading Foxy's Tale to us and we all loved it. She told us you visited our school last year, but we were in first grade then and didn't get to meet you. Thank you for writing just a neat book. Many of us are borrowing it from the library or reading Mrs. Aebli's copy."

Letter from a teacher near Philadelphia:

"My school is a large, multicultural diverse middle school right outside Philadelphia. A large number of our students enter our doors not speaking fluent English. Many of them come from broken homes and from lower income households. Most of my students are reading on the second grade level. My kids loved Foxy's Tale. I was surprised at how even some of my 'toughest' and most 'street-wise' students couldn't wait to write to you and are waiting anxiously for a reply."

Email from a student in Pennsylvania:

"I really liked your book called Foxy's Tale. I hope your daughter Kelly had fun with Foxy and Rosie. My beagle dog Bella is trying to jump over our fence, just like Foxy jumped over your fence. I hope you are very happy with your book. I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!! I think you should write a FOXY'S TALE II. I hope you have a good life. Fondly, Julia Jones.  
PS:  YOU ROCK!!!!"

Email from a librarian in Oil City, Pennsylvania:

"The kids are keeping Foxy's Tale circulating at a great rate! I would love to make plans to have you come back to Oil City next school year."

Email from a teacher in Maryland:

"Thank you again for your presentation to our students. I know they enjoyed all that you had to say...and show. The students especially loved hearing how Foxy was such a special part of your family's life...and how grown up Kelly has become. Again, thank you so much for coming to Travilah again. You made us all smile and dream what life in Alaska must be like."

Email from a teacher in California:

"Dear Mr. White, My class LOVED listening to Foxy’s Tale…in fact so much so that they didn’t want it to end! We are wondering if you are writing a sequel and if not we highly recommend that you do!! They also wanted to know if Kelly still has Foxy and Rosie? We just finished a big unit on the Iditarod which was also disappointing to see come to a close. Your book was a great way to still feel like our Iditarod fever was continuing."

Email from a teacher and student in Binghamton, New York:

"I think your book is cool so thanks for letting us read your book. Oh don`t forget to come with the dog next Wednesday so all of us can see the best sled dog in the world ever!!!" From Isaiah.

"I am a special education teacher in Binghamton, NY. You are scheduled to come and visit us next Wednesday. One of my students, Isaiah, loved your story so much that he just had to email you-- we sent the email just minutes before this one, under my return address. I just wanted you to know how much this 5th grade boy enjoyed it. I know that he would love to see Foxy too, but I don't have the heart to tell my student Isaiah that she probably has joined that big dog sled in the sky! Again, thank you for the book, and we look forward to meeting you."

Email from a teacher in Wyoming:

"I am a Para-Educator in Douglas Wy. I have a group of 2nd grade students that I am reading with. We just finished reading your book Foxy's Tale and the children just loved it. We  thought the book was very good and funny in a lot of places. We liked the part when Foxy was so nervous that she had to go to the bathroom four times and Kelly had to go two times before the race started."

Email from a man in Texas:

"My sister, cousin and I had decided to see the Iditarod start and we did that this year. While we were in the Iditarod store in the mall in Anchorage I ran across the Foxy’s Tale book. I purchased it for my Dad in Oklahoma. I have not seen many books from the dog’s viewpoint. This book was very well written from a dog’s perspective and I was very impressed with how clear the story flowed. I enjoyed it tremendously and wanted to send an email praising the authors.  (Illustrations were pretty dang good too!!)  Good book!!!!!!!"

Email from a teacher in Fairfax, Virginia

"Thank you so much for fitting us into your schedule. The students, teachers and I truly enjoyed your presentation. I personally liked how you wove in the facts that showed your story was true and when you told how third and fourth graders helped you with the book. I hope we will be able to set up a visit for next year. Take care and thanks again."

Email from a librarian in Ashland, Virginia:

"Thanks so much for coming to talk with the kids last week. We really appreciate it. I know they enjoyed the presentation a lot! We will really miss you next year. Your visit is something that the kids look forward to each year!"

Email from a vice principal in Fairfax Virginia:

"I am sure the PTA would like to have you come back again sometime. One of our 'veteran' teachers said yours was the best assembly she had ever taken her students to. They were completely engaged from start to finish."

Email from a parent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

"Everyone loved your presentation. Thank you so much for coming to our school. I am certain they would love to have you back each year!"

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