Foxy's Tale - School Visits

Ed White has visited elementary schools all over the country. There are some schools in Northern Virginia, where he recently lived with his wife Sandy, that have him visit every year.

Because Foxy’s Tale is a true story, Ed White will show actual video of Foxy and Kelly running in the 1987 Junior World Championship Sled Dog Race, and other videos including when Foxy, Rosie, and Kelly appeared on ESPN.

Ed White will be happy to talk to your students about Foxy’s Tale, Alaska, the writing process, and or sled dog racing. Upon request he will send you a free copy of Foxy’s Tale for your school's library.

He does not charge a fee for the presentation. He just requests that the students, who will be participating in the presentation, have had the entire book read to them before he arrives. To request a free copy of Foxy's Tale or to set up a school visit, email Ed White at:

Ed White also enjoys having student questions either in advance of, or during his presentation. If he receives the questions in advance, he will answer them with the student names, during his presentation.


Sometimes his presentation involves his dog sled. He will explain the role of the musher and the role of each dog in the team, by using students in harness attached to the sled.

The last chapter of Foxy's Tale begs the question; will there be a Foxy’s Tale II? The answer is no. However, Ed White offers the students, with the teacher’s permission, an opportunity to win a tee shirt by writing their own one-page sequel. He will send Foxy’s Tale tee shirts to the authors of the sequels he likes best. Sometimes the whole class will receive a tee shirt. Here is a sequel from a second grade student at Dillsburg Elementary School.

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